Typically, the School’s SEED Eco Fair would take place on a Saturday in the school gym, cafeteria and auditorium. It would be held  from 10:00 am- 3:00 pm. Attendees would gather in the auditorium for a SEED orientation to the events
of the day which will include:

The Raffle

  • Prizes
    • First -....--$150 worth products + more
    • Second -.$100 worth products + more
    • Third - ..--$50 worth products + more

  • Tickets
    • One FREE Ticket Per Person at the Eco-Fair
    • One FREE Bonus Ticket per Information Card that is
      • Submitted at Eco-Fair or
      • Registered at www.schoolname.savingeartheveryday.org
    • One FREE Ticket Per Shaklee Purchase (ONE for each item)
    • All Tickets are Doubled if $100 or more is purchased

In the Auditorium

  • Showing One: 10:30 am. video produced in conjunction with National Geographic showing the effects climate change all over the world.

  • Showing Two: 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm (on the half hour) Healthy Schools and Healthy Homes -Creating Healthy Environments for Children. This 15 minute video empowers everyone to share important health information that can immediately be helpful and provide lasting benefits for new generations of children.


  • Eco Simulations Scavenger Hunt: 30 minute activity repeated with different nature themes every hour (10:00 am - noon and 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm) Two teams of 10 search for nature clues in the gym (school yard– weather permitting) to identify the mystery slogan that relates to the theme of the game. Elements of team work, science education, physical activity to discover clues and secret codes makes this activity great fun and excitement for both children and parents.

  • Science Ball: (Noon - 1:00 pm ) This team game combines teamwork and competition in a way that excites the members of the team to perform their best. As you will find out it can be a great way to review for exams. Prizes will be offered to outstanding team performers.


  • Hands on Science Work shop: 45 minute class for parent and child repeated every hour with different lessons. This workshop is for 12 students and 12 parents. Share an inquiry based class with your child
    that will have you both talking about it for days to come. This workshop
    is lead by school  parent volunteers who have been trained to present
    the activities. Go home with a project you made with your child. See www.asap-hoso.com for list of classes available for this workshop.

  • Get Clean School Fundraising Information: Your sponsor has signed you up to be a Gold Ambassador in the Shaklee Corporation. This presents great financial opportunities for your school community. Imagine buying products that everyone buys all the time and your school can earn money from that purchase. Learn all about  the H2 biodegradable concentrated cleaning solution that is one of “Oprah’s Favorite”. Share these great products with friends and co-workers and let them know the great things your school is doing for the environment.

  • Green Games (10:00 am - 3:00 pm) Develop sustainable behaviors as you play either the Watergame or Energy Hogs. Go home and practice what you learned about saving water and energy. Make a difference in your lives and others. These environmental board games teach about ways  in you can make a difference NOW in our planet’s future course. 
    A set of four of these games have been donated to your school by your sponsor.

  • Meet your SEED sponsor, meet your friends, make new friends, help others learn about they can also make a difference and help themselves and our planet at the same time.

  • Healthy Eating and Exercising: Workshop to  learn about food allergies and give you an awareness of healthy food.

Computer Room

  • Come learn about the on line Global Warming 101. A real time exploration that investigates the effects of Climate Change on indigenous species in the Arctic. Join the world famous Will Steger as he dog sleds with his team of Inuit Indians across the frozen wasteland in the Arctic. Lessons for teachers and parents can be downloaded from National Geographic for all grade levels in science, geography, math and writing.

  • Other environmental educational computer programs will be available as well.  


  • Art Projects, music, lunch options, can be discussed and added to the fair if the school desires it.
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