10 good reasons for joining SEED
The Opportunity to Make money for your school or organization. While, nothing is guaranteed, your school or organization can earn up 35% sales commission on the sales that you promote from a 51 year old environmentally recognized corporation which has been has been featured on Oprah, Good Morning America, and TIME magazine.

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Plus you get:

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One day SEED sponsored Eco Fair which includes:
Hands-on Science demonstrations that will excite parents, teachers and best of all the kids. Presented by After School Activity Programs.
Healthy Child
Parent education to Create Healthy Environments. Learn how to make your home safe from hazardous everyday items. Learn from those who tragically didn't know better.
Exciting, fun environmental board games that educate and motivate players to take sustainable action every day. For the youngsters to the high school seniors... ALL AGES. ALL of the games that SEED presents are printed on Earth friendly 100% recycled cardboard, non-toxic vegetable based printing inks and/or other non-polluting materials!.
Fun RAFFLE with many many prizes!... the more you buy the more raffle tickets you get! Raffle Information
You also get custom:
10,000 to 25,000 Full Color Brochures to promote your fund-raising efforts and the fair. Color Brochures
50 Full Color 11" x 17" Posters to promote your fund-raising efforts and the fair. Color Posters
Web page to gather orders and promote your school/organizations efforts. Web Page
Help and direction from professionals...every minute of the EcoFair is customized and organized to make your life easier. Who we are
Great Feeling of Success
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