ALL of the games that SEED presents are printed on Earth friendly 100% recycled cardboard, non-toxic vegetable based printing inks and/or other non-polluting materials!

The game boards are printed on 100% kenaf (a tree free annual plant) and the instruction booklets are printed on paper made from non de-inked, 100% post-consumer recycled paper. The game cards (and white paper wrap for the box) are printed on a paper made from a combination of kenaf, post-consumer recycled paper and a small amount of virgin wood pulp. All printing was done with vegetable based ink. Wooden dies and pieces are stained with vegetable based dyes.

Excessive packaging and one-use disposable items represent a considerable portion of the solid waste problem in the country. Please consider the amount of water and energy used to produce these items and the pollution that results from the manufacturing process. Clearly, packaging and disposables represent a major threat to our health and environment.

The good news is that substantial reductions in waste can be fairly easy and painless to achieve - if we all do our share.

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Energy Hogs Package
Energy Hogs
Plug your team into big savings by learning how to use less energy!

Now kids can learn how to use our resources more efficiently and become a cure to our problems! for middle and high school kids (6th through 12th graders).
Energry Hogs Details Order Here
Watergames Package
Learn about water conservation while having buckets of fun!

In this half-hour games kids learn how to save and share water as well as practice reading and math skills too! It is for elementary school kids (3rd, 4th, or 5th graders).
Watergames Details Order Here
Cleanup Package
Clean-Up! (Coming Soon)
Can you clean-up the environment before Mother Earth overheats?

Kids will learn about Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Acid Rain, Smog, Ozone Depletion, Landfills, Sewage, Industrial Waste, Composting Organic Waste, Oil Spills, Pesticides in Ground Water, Global Warming, Burning Fossil Fuels, & Replanting.

Cleanup! Details Order Here