Co-Founder of SEED, Founder and President of ASAP

Barry Weinbrom taught science in the New York City Board of Education from 1968-2001. Mr. Weinbrom taught general science at the middle school level for 28 years and taught biology and environmental science in the high school 7 years. He is now an educator for Green Games and the founder of ASAP. He also:

  • Developed the “Marriage of the Elements” a presentation for middle school students that presents 21 chemical concepts.
  • Developed the CCSP Cooperative Community Science Program, where students in pairs investigated science in the stores and businesses of their school community.
  • Developed “SMAW” Learning About Recycling”, a project that integrated science, math, art and writing to help the community learn about the importance of buying recycled products and selling them.
  • Developed “SciMat3” Scientists, Mathematicians and Teachers for Tomorrow Today. This is a mentoring program in which older youngsters teach hands on science program to elementary school students.
  • Developed the Millennium Project to celebrate 100 years of science achievement. Ten schools submitted their scientists research reports, which we displayed in John Jay's Hall of Science.
  • Was cited in the New York Post as One of NY's Outstanding Educators

Co-Founder of SEED, Vice President of ASAP

Bruce is a trained graphic designer with a BFA in advertising design and an Industrial Designer with his Masters training at Pratt. He has used these skills to develop the SEED program and in building this web site.

In addition, he has won numerous design awards in graphics and industrial design. He has taught at Bernard Baruch College (CE) as well as trained the creative staffs of major advertising agencies to use Windows based business and graphics programs and has been a beta test site for such notables as: Microsoft, Corel, Adobe and others. Previously, he has been a Vice President for Product development and/or marketing at several consumer and industrial companies. Most recently he was the Director of Marketing for Kingsborough Community College Continuing Education Division. To see more of his work, please go BasicDesignWorks.com.

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